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Disclaimer: I was given the Play-Doh Creations 3d Flash Art for the purpose of this post. All opinions are a compilation of my families experiences with the product, individual results may vary.

Ben’s not the only kid touching his creative side this season. One of you lucky readers are going be able to share this with your kids too! We’ve got one Play-Doh Creations 3D Flash Art to give away! To enter, just tell me about your favorite Play-Doh activity!

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Ben received the Play-Doh Creations 3D Flash Art to try out. And so far, so good! He’s enjoyed spending time creating funky new images, and really loves that he gets to mix play-doh with paint. Though mommy cringes (I can’t stand mixing play-doh, swirly colors don’t work for me. If two colors mix I have to work it until it becomes one, usually a not so attractive shade of purplish brown) But I digress.

This has to be one of the coolest toys on the market this holiday season. It mixes old school play doh fun with newer styles of imaginative play. The Play-Doh Creations 3d Flash Art allows your kids to bend the boundries of play doh creation by adding a new aspect. Spinning! First, you plop the compound on the surface, the start spinning (the machine, not the child). Then your child can add bendable sticks and paint and a 3D Image will show up right in front of their eyes!