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Cinderella's 3D Castle 200 Piece Puzzle


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These puzzles have dimensions! For extra-ordinary puzzling fun and unique puzzle challenge, it doesn't get better than our selection of 3D puzzles! Put the pieces together and be impressed by your mental acuity! These 3-dimensional puzzles are favorites that inspire real critical thought.

The innovative three-dimensional puzzle concept not only established itself as a new family game, but also became nothing less than a new form of art. A 3D puzzle blends the brainteaser aspect of traditional jigsaw puzzles, with the thrill of constructing a three-dimensional (scale) model. Wrebbit 3D puzzles are entirely designed and made in Canada, which provides a guarantee with respect to finished products quality of design and workmanship.

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Puzz 3D European Landmarks Set 3D Puzzle

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Puzz 3D European Landmarks Set 3D Puzzle Description:
Bring Europe's finest landmarks in to your home! The Puzz 3D European Landmarks 3D Puzzle features hundreds of foam-backed puzzle pieces that allow you to build three amazing buildings. In this set, you can construct the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Eiffel Tower, and Big Ben. (Subject to change.)

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Unlike traditional jigsaws that lay flat, 3D jigsaw puzzles add a whole new dimension and challenge level for any puzzler by build the puzzle in three dimension! Here you'll find famous landmarks, entire , lenticular puzzles that appear to move from different angles, and more 3D puzzle types.

That’s the number of puzzle pieces that were in the last 3D puzzle I completed…New York, New York (Pre 9/11/2001). This is officially the largest 3D puzzle in the world with over 3000 pieces. Yes, I have done a 4000 piece puzzle, but the added difficulty of connecting pieces in multiple planes (all of you who have done 3D puzzles know what I’m talking about) make this the greatest feat in my puzzle history. So…let’s a take a stroll down the street of USA’s most populated city, New York City.