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The 99th Monkey: A Spiritual Journalist's Misadventures with Gurus, Messiahs, Sex, Psychedelics, and Other Consciousness-Raising Experiments


The 99th Monkey - Eliezer Sobel

I had heard that Ram Dass had gone down to Brazil to visit Joao's well-known healing center, known as the Casa, and had had very good things to say about it. He compared the loving, heart-opening atmosphere he discovered there to the feelings he had only experienced previously at his Guru's ashram in India, although he did not receive any physical healing of the stroke symptoms that had prompted the visit. I told him my story of meeting John of God, and receiving the repeated admonition to head to Brazil. Since Ram Dass had had a positive experience down there, I asked him if he thought it would be worth the trip for me to go. After a brief closed-eye contemplation, he responded, "Given your attitude, I don't think it would do you any good," and we both cracked up; it was so clearly the truth about me! I am famous for going to places like that in order to demonstrate that they don't work for me. I have a reputation to uphold as the 99th Monkey, the proverbial one who never gets it. (It's a really lousy job, you wouldn't want to be me.)

I had a video Skype session with Ram Dass a few years ago, a service called "Heart-to-Heart" that he makes available to his subscribers. My agenda in setting up the conversation was to ask him for his blessing before I set out on a book tour to promote The 99th Monkey, a memoir that featured my history with him in the first and last chapters, symmetrically framing the whole work. And though I had badgered him repeatedly the previous year, in the end he had opted not to endorse the back of my book. So now, if I couldn't get his blurb, I felt I at least needed his blessing. He paused a moment when I asked, closed his eyes to search for his answer, then looking straight into the camera and pointing his finger, said very calmly, "You have my blessing, as long as you tell the truth."

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“Let The 99th Monkey be a warning to seekers of truth everywhere: Eliezer Sobel is living proof that the New Age disease of self-improvement is incurable. Thankfully, Sobel's utter failure to get enlightened is chronicled with laughter, irreverence, insight and raw truth.”

— Gabrielle Roth, author, Sweat Your Prayers


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No. I’m not picking on #Obama. Today’s #99thMonkeyNews has info about why all recent #POTUS are not to be trusted with the enormous technological power in their hands

"By all means follow The 99th Monkey down the road apiece that passeth understanding. It looks like big fun." --Wavy Gravy, author, "Something Good for a Change"