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Actto BST-09 Green Portable Reading Stand/Book stand Document Holder (180 angle adjustable)

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Make multitasking simpler with document holders and bookholders

By adopting a better posture while using POSTURA Bookholder, your body will be able to function more effectively and work for longer periods of time before becoming fatigued. Stress is also reduced since the bother of constantly leaning or bending to sit more comfortably or to see what you are reading is eliminated with POSTURA Bookholder.

After reading for long periods of time, the muscles that control our eyes begin to tire. Muscle fatigue is punctuated when we strain our eyes to read. POSTURA Bookholder is angled to refract light onto a reading surface more effectively than it would if the surface were flat. Eyestrain is greatly reduced because you can easily see what you read.

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Book holders come in a wide assortment of designs, sizes, features, and prices.  Beginning with the simple but versatile wire design of the Fold’N’Stow adjustable book holder selling for less than $6.00... 

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...continuing with our attractive, vinyl-clad OpenPage® book holders featuring spring steel and a clear plastic strap that keep your book's pages open for convenient, hands-free reading,  beginning under $12.00...

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Sitting places more stress on the back than any other position. As our bodies tire from sitting, we begin to slouch. POSTURA Bookholder prevents slouching by forcing you to sit erectly while you read.

Using POSTURA Bookholder while you read will encourage back and neck alignment. Since your back will be better supported, you can prevent deformations in your vertebral column.