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The middlemen between Eithan Dover and the Aliens is Adrian Dvir. He is also an Engineer that discovered he is a medium and started to collaborate with the Aliens in 1995. Since then Adrian has studied the Aliens and published the book:

I took the phone number of Adrian Dvir, and decided to test things for myself. I called the man to his cellphone, and what started as a prank - has suddenly became an ongoing experience of several months. I claimed to be Forth, than Fenix - aliens from different worlds, he bought the story - -first very skeptic, and did not want to talk , but then- after consulting his "spiritual entities" - he decided to continue our affair, as they have ironically ratified my existence, claiming I'm a genuine alien! Adrian consulted with various other spiritual healers, and all have ratified this. You can read on the alien story here: . all of the information, conversations are with me, and only me.

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    Naturally, i derived names and facts from things I know (computer games: Star Control, Starcraft etc' . hehe..). The bottom line is that Adrian wasn't a fraud! His intentions were good, I knew the real man, his mission... unfortunately, like the rest of his 'spiritual' friends - the man was delusional. Some region of his brain, going bad, has made him see the apparitions - writing two full books on his experience with entities, appear on MANY television and radio shows, he really believed what he said... only I knew the sad truth, as his aliens and entities often claimed "Yes, we are in constant contact with the Kliendcontlar[the alien race i invented]...". not just his, Uri Gal's (another spirtualist and friend of Adrian): here I quote Adrian Dvir from his website:"At 18:00 I visited Uri. He said that his aliens medical team disclosed that the expected reinforcement ship reached the Kliendcontlar space ship near Uranus."

    The method of communication which Adrian Dvir and his colleagues use to talk to the extraterrestrial healers is a sort of technologically enhanced telepathy. Adrian gives more information about this .