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Advanced options strategies are a highly complex subject, impossible to cover here in any great detail. Below are just a small handful of some of the most popular strategies, as well as some of the general characteristics and variations of each.

Advanced option strategies for active investors - Duration: 2:46:46

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    You've already gotten the basics of options down. You understand that calls are bullish and puts are bearish. You get intrinsic value and time value. You comprehend options trading -- this episode, however, delves into deeper, more complex options strategies.

    Did you know you can use options in a conservative fashion? There are at least two ways: You can use them to generate income on your portfolio at little-to-no actual risk; and you can use options as a form of insurance against catastrophic losses. And of course, there are less conservative, more aggressive ways to use options to speculate for big gains, or to try to squeeze a dollar-ten out of a dollar. This episode will examine these more advanced options strategies.

    In this episode, you'll learn:

    - About writing calls -- both covered and naked!

    - About the risks associated with writing naked puts -- and the potential rewards!

    - How to use collars to insure against losses and potentially eke out low-risk profits.

    - A little bit about spreads -- we take a look at a debit price spread, and talk a little about other kinds of spreads, including calendar spreads, which are another multi-option strategy.

    Happy Trading!

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