Why are the I Am books great for teaching the Common Core?

I Am a Bunny (A Golden Sturdy Book)


I Am Series Discussion Guide By Mary Blow

Also, on the subject of stigmas, Holly is not an author to shy away from controversial subjects. I can count on one hand, if I think really hardly, the amount of books I've read that discuss periods, and I mean actually discuss, not just gloss over them, or make them into jokes about PMSing or whatnot. As someone who has periods, like half the population of the whole world, they shouldn't be hidden away and made a 'controversial' subject. To be honest, none of us would be here without periods, just saying. If you think about it like that, shouldn't more be done to make them more 'normal'.

During the month of February, we at Mymcbooks will be a part of the celebration of Black History Month 2013. So there will be a few posts on Black History and a Free Giveaway on African America Books.

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