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Cracking the AP U.S. History Exam, 2016 Edition (College Test Preparation)


How to Get a 5 on the AP US History Exam

Look for key words in questions such as EXCEPT, NOT, or ALWAYS. The wording of answers is important too. In the AP US History exam, you are choosing the best answer which may mean that several answers could appear to be correct.

The AP US History exam is one of the most popular Advanced Placement exams administered by the College Board. It is 3 hours and 15 minutes long and consists of two sections: Multiple Choice/Short Answer and Free Response. There are 55 multiple choice questions which count for 40% of the test. In addition, there are 4 short answer questions which account for 20% of the grade. The other 40% is made up of two types of essays: standard and document-based (DBQ). Students answer one standard essays (25% of the overall grade) and one DBQ (15%). Here are my top ten tips for doing well on the challenging AP US History exam.

How to do well on the AP US History Exam

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  • AP US History Exam Review 4-25-13

    AP US Exam Review Unit 1: The Colonial Era Major Themes Exploration and Interaction with Native- Americans Spanish, English and French settlements – similarities and differences English Colonies – similarities and differences English colonies – democratic elements

    Students will then be given a document-based question, popularly known as the DBQ. Part of AP US History exams for over 40 years, the DBQ previously asked students to develop a thesis or point of view about eight to ten documents. The new DBQ will provide students with just five to seven documents. This task will require one hour and count for 25 percent of a student’s score.