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Arduino Home Automation Projects : Automate your Home using the powerful Arduino Platform (Community Experience Distilled)


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Edgefx gives a specific information on arduino home automation project abstract, circuit diagram with each module working functionality and applications.

Arduino Home Automation Projects's Preface also describes the general hardware and software needed for the projects covered in the book (unique specific requirements for each project are covered in the relevant chapter). These include , , and integrated web server and database (Schwartz recommends for Windows, for Linux, and for OS X).

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    Marco Schwartz, author of Arduino Home Automation Projects, introduces his in this initial chapter of his book (though aREST is used in later chapters and associated projects as well). The describes aREST as "a simple library that implements a REST API for Arduino" that "is designed to be universal and currently supports REST calls via HTTP, via the Serial Port, and Bluetooth Low Energy" (portions of the specifics on each of these are removed in my quotation of the description). The aREST library consists of a single C++ header file () and appears to be available for use under a license (described in the comments in the source).

    The of Arduino Home Automation Projects demonstrates use of to "control lights directly from your computer, phone, or tablet." This project includes application of and a . This chapter's project constructs a software user interface with the same languages used in Chapter 1's project and demonstrates use of Arduino code to test the hardware configuration before the user interface is available.