7-miler at 7 PM | Run Lehigh Valley

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Thursday, June 30 at 7 pm :: Isle of Iowa Parrot Head Club

It's also noteworthy that this latest blitzkrieg of attacks on peaceful political protest at the courthouse comes in the midst of ongoing negotiations with the very same Lt. Wilson--whose bad faith is now clear. Wilson and the County CAO assistant reportedly assured Occupy Santa Cruz activists that the newly posted "No Trespass 7 PM to 7 AM" signs didn't apply to Occupy Santa Cruz and others in the front of the courthouse. When they came this morning to destroy the Occude and exclude/remove all tents from the front of the courthouse--without warning--they gave no indication they'd be returning to remove all bodies at 7 PM that night.

and remember: If you’re in the mood, watch Senator Conroy on The 7Pm Project, Wednesday 24/03/10 at 7PM AEST, Channel 10. Just don’t expect anything new.

Meme Maker - Getting off at 7 pm tonight. Not working new years eve!

  • Jul 4 at 7PM on 10.1 & 36.2

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    Have you ever heard that you shouldn’t eat after 7 PM? Or maybe 8 PM? Or how about 6 PM? Or 5 PM? Or 9 PM? Or any other specific time at night? No?

    We will also need as much community support as possible at tomorrow’s General Assembly, regularly scheduled for 6pm-8pm. Dare the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs disrupt our self-organization when the lights go out on free speech at 7pm?