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Featured image – Almond Eyes – by César Augusto Serna Sz.
Eyes are the mirrors of heart and can be a great source of inspiration. Even though it seems simple, eyes photography is not an easy task. In fact, it is difficult to highlight the contrast between the iris and the lens while dealing with the reflections of the cornea. Furthermore, the context and the composition is also a tough part of the work. Here is a list of the most beautiful and shining eyes pictures I could find. Enjoy this post.

Alexander Ross (1986) best captures an important element of the picturesque - and its blending of the beautiful and sublime - when he says of William Gilpin, "Gilpin's theorizing sometimes brings the real and the ideal into contrasting relationships." (Ross, 1986, 7) Ross' analysis pinpoints the importance of the beautiful, sublime and picturesque to students of media theory; in that the terms have been used to evoke various levels of "the real" and "the ideal" in philosophy, art and literature. The categories have been used in an attempt to identify the effects of nature, art, and language on one's senses, as well as to establish ways in which to discuss values of art. The tradition of was borne out of lengthy discourses on the meaning of the beautiful and sublime. On the most fundamental level, the long discussions of the meaning of the beautiful and sublime were aimed at trying to accurately capture in a description of one's experience of a thing. As a central activity of most media and mediums is to shape or communicate experience, the relationship between the beautiful and sublime is one that is perennially important to students of art history and broader theories of media alike.

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Twentieth-century artist Robert Smithson discusses the notions of the beautiful, sublime, and picturesque in relation to landscaping in his article, "Frederick Law Olmstead and the Dialectical Landscape." Smithson situates landscape architect Olmstead's perspective of landscape in the traditions of eighteenth-century England. He discusses the way that Uvedale Price "extended" Burke's notion of the sublime and beautiful 'to a point that tried to free landscaping from the "picture" gardens of Italy into a more physical sense of the temporal landscape. A tree, for example, struck by lightning was something other than merely beautiful or sublime - it was "picturesque."' (Smithson, 1979, 118) Smithson later expands on this idea of the picturesque as something that is "far from being an inner movement of the mind" (as the beautiful or sublime may be), and "based on real land." This matches the description of the picturesque delineated earlier, in that it is the middle ground between the extremes of the beautiful and sublime - evoking a sense of of the landscape. Smithson's earthwork art, the Spiral Jetty, is arguably a depiction of "the picturesque," as it utilizes "real land," as well as impels the viewer to take a picture of it (as Smithson himself did with his documentary film of the making of his jetty).