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Acoustic guitars are slightly more expensive. Beginner classical guitars are more expensive still. If you’re planning to , then it’s worth going to a specialist dealer.

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The ultimate guide to beginning the Classical Guitar - this easy to follow DVD will teach you everything you need to know, and much more!

Get ahead with clear demonstrations and jargon-free explanations that will make learning the Guitar easier and more fun than you ever thought possible! You will discover:

Correct posture and hand position
How to find your way around the fretboard
Basic music notation and reading
How to learn note names
How different rhythms work
The P.I.M.A. finger system
...and much more

The disc contains many special features that include:
On-screen notation that is synchronised with the video of both hands playing
Exclusive interviews with top performers and teachers from the Royal Academy and The Royal College Of Music
Professional backing tracks to give you the best accompaniment to practice and perform to
A booklet containing all of the musical examples featured during the lessons
NTSC format.

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Classical Guitar Lessons : Beginner Classical Guitar

Classical guitars not only have a rich and distinct sound that's unlike a standard acoustic, but they also make an optimal choice for novice players. If you're just being introduced to the guitar and are open to trying something a little different, then you might want to consider starting your musical journey with a beginner classical guitar from this section.

Many young music fans are beginning with classical guitars because the shorter neck is easier to hold, and the nylon strings are gentler on fingers that have yet to develop calluses. Of course, these are just some of the upsides of playing a classical guitar. Another benefit is the fact that most classical guitars are available through highly-acclaimed guitar manufacturers who put a huge amount of effort into the playability and beauty of their work. Not to mention, classical guitars offer an impressive range of tone color, which makes them ideal for a wide variety of styles.

For an exceptional student guitar that's handcrafted by a respected luthier, the Cordoba C5 acoustic nylon guitar is a prime option. This full size acoustic nylon-string guitar is actually one of the original models of the Iberia series, and its perfect balance of solid Canadian cedar top and rosewood fingerboard makes for a stunning instrument that looks as strong as it feels. Another popular classical guitar is the Hohner 3/4. Designed especially for young students, this short scale classical guitar is the result of traditional artistry combined with state-of-the-art production technology... and of course, the decades of experience that Hohner is so well-known for.

In order for any budding guitarist to get off on the right foot, they need an instrument that was made specifically with their abilities taken into consideration. After all, a young musician's fondness for performing should be encouraged so their potential can be fully realized. For this reason, a beginner classical guitar is a great way to nurture any youngster's interest in playing.