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this coloring book is absolutely amazing

Do you have the patience of a thousand hospitals? Do you love to color? Well if so, you will most likely love the impossible coloring book called 'Between The Lines'. Full of ridiculously complex drawings that will surely calm your nerves as you relax and slowly color the pages as if it were some form of mediation, or it will fill you with so much rage and aggravation that you will most likely burn your house down just so you never have to look at that book again. The impossible coloring book is filled with 22 hand drawn pieces that were created by artist Peter Deligdisch with varying levels of complexity so you can work your way up to having a brain aneurysm. The Between The Lines coloring book is perfect for passing time, or trying to keep you mind off cheeseburgers.

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Travel Between the Lines Adult Coloring Books
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Our first book, Travel Between the Lines Adult Coloring Book: is a 47-illustration printed coloring book. The book is based on the travel photographs of its creators, Geoff and Katie Matthews (that’s us!), and includes line drawing illustrations from 29 countries around the world. Each illustration is unique, with subjects as varied as the countries themselves: aerial, wide-angle images of cities; street scenes; up-close images of statues and vignettes; decorative details; and famous landmarks are all represented to varying degrees in the book. Each illustration is paired with a short story or description, indicating the city and country featured, and connecting the photographs to a memory or feeling from Geoff and Katie’s travels.