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Children's Book:Ernie the Elephant (Funny Bedtime story collection illustrated picture book for kids Poetry Rhymes)

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I like the idea that this might be the first book-without-pictures that some children experience, and that it could open their eyes and inspire them to wonder what might be in all those other books without pictures.

but don't shout, i know this is an option, not a replacement for books with pictures. and i still understand and appreciate what he's trying to do here.

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    buy one million copies of this book without pictures before buying russell brand's book for your children, because i'm pretty sure you can get many exotic venereal diseases just by reading words that came from that dude's brain.

    “The Book with No Pictures” is a creative and uniquely stylized book targeting children up to about age 7 (per the author and publishers). In a sense, the book has no plot and is simply colored words and phrases (literally and figuratively) but will induce laughter in children with their nonsensical meanings. “The Book with No Pictures” is set-up so that adults read the humorous words but then also a parental side dialogue. One may think that young children are not interested in reading a book without pictures but think again: they love it!