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The Book with No Pictures


Best Wordless Picture Books: Who Needs Words Anyway?

The first is a book with no words–also known as a “wordless picture book”–called Journey, by Aaron Becker. In wordless picture books, the illustrations tell the entire story, and Becker is a master. Journey is about a bored girl who finds a magical piece of chalk that lets her journey to a fantastic land. Eventually she finds her way back to the real world, where she finds a new friend. The illustrations in Journey are bright and colorful and fun to look at, and they don’t ever seem to get old. The best part about reading the book with Rose is hearing her tell the story each time. The first time we read it together, I asked her what she thought was happening on each page as we constructed the story together. By the time we had read it a few times, she was able to narrate the events on her own.

Hi Leah!
I'm here to tell you about 'The book with no words'.

1. The children think the book is so hysterically because they don't normally hear adults talking like that.

2. The book is special because it makes adults make noises that are funny.

3. I would agree because it makes people laugh and it's a really good book to read to younger children.

4. Younger children think it's funny because adults don't normally make those noises and they are funny noises.

5. Pictures are important in a book because it shows what's happening in the story and a visual of the characters.

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Wordless Picture Books - Children's Books and Reading

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That almost sounds like a contradiction in terms

I have one word for you... IMAGINATION! While you might not only want to use books with no words, they do enforce other literacy concepts, such as storytelling and creativity. Once children recognize the pattern of stories, they can learn to create a beginning, middle, and end. They can also describe what they are seeing on the page and learn to convey that meaning to others. Storytelling is very important also as it helps children with memory skills.

A book with no words. That almost sounds like a contradiction in terms. However, wordless picture books can be a very enjoyable and beneficial addition to your child's bookshelf, whatever your child's age.