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BOYS ON THE SIDE, Drew Barrymore, 1995. (c) Warner Bros

Boys On The Side

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BOYS ON THE SIDE, Whoopi Goldberg, Drew Barrymore, Mary Louise Parker, 1995. (c) Warner Bros

The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

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Boys on the Side

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"Boys on the Side" is a film about sex, AIDS and love between women -- romantic and otherwise. Yet there is nothing especially hip about the film's sensibility. It's just wonderfully humane. Everyone is treated with respect, and that includes conservative middle-aged mothers and even that much-maligned '60s singing duo, the Carpenters.

Boys on the side

Generalmente dejamos que los hombres hagan todo el trabajo, sin embargo, intentar la misma posición con los componentes al revés (ella realizando los movimientos) se siente muy bien.

CMRS gives ‘Boys on the side’: 4 (Very Good Film)

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    The trailer and the advertising campaign, not to mention the presence of Whoopi Gold berg, would lead you to expect a rowdy comedy. "Boys on the Side" is that, but only for a while and only to an extent. It goes much deeper.

    As a film about women, "Boys on the Side" feels as authentic as "Thelma and Louise," so it comes as a surprise to find that it was written and directed by men. But these are good men: screen writer ("Single White Female," "Love Field") and Herbert Ross, who has made several films revolving around women characters, including "The Turning Point" and "Steel Magnolias."