Full Name: Brooklyn Sudano

People: Bruce Sudano, Mimi Sommer, Amanda Sudano, Brooklyn Sudano

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People: Bruce Sudano, Amanda Sudano, Mimi Sommer, Brooklyn Sudano

Mike Gencarelli: Can you tell us how you got involved with “5 Star Day”
Brooklyn Sudano: I had read the script after my manager brought it to me. I really liked it and thought it was an interested story. The film poses questions that I think a lot of us ask ourselves. I like to do films that make you think and question.

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LOVE HER HAIR. Donna Summer’s daughter, Brooklyn Sudano

Brooklyn Sudano
Nashville native Brooklyn Sudano has always had a passion for the performing arts. From a very young age she performed in musicals and other theater productions. After deciding that she wanted to pursue an acting career full time, Brooklyn took a break from her studies at Vanderbilt University to attend the renowned Lee Strasberg Institute in New York City.

In addition to acting and some commercial modeling, Brooklyn has been fulfilling her other passion - writing and performing her own music.

In her spare time Brooklyn paints and draws, and she loves dancing. She currently resides in Los Angeles and New York.

People: Brooklyn Sudano, Donna Summer

Brooklyn Sudano is co-starring as Yvette Montgomery in the new film “5 Star Day”. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Brooklyn about working on the film, her character and what she has planned next.

Actress and singer, Brooklyn Sudano plays the role of Elise in the upcoming Lifetime Original Movie, “With This Ring.” Sudano is best known for her role of Vanessa Scott on the ABC sitcom “My Wife and Kids.”