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There Was an Old Geezer Called Caesar: A History of the World in 100 Limericks


Caesar the Geezer, Self: Caesar's Rude Arena

Former Talk Radio host Caesar The Geezer and ex-Invicta FM Morning Zoo presenter Paul ?Pies? Ellen headline the presentation line-up at RSL station 87.9 SFM, as they return to the airwaves of Swale for another 28 days until midnight on Saturday 2nd Sept.

Caesar, aka Chris Rogers was well known the 80s and 90s as Caesar The Geezer/Caesar The Boogieman, with a late night show on Invicta FM, Essex FM and early breakfast on Kiss London, before moving to Talk Radio for its launch in 1995.

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03-01-2006, 00:45
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Caesar was I think one of the originals

on Talk sport which back then was Talk Radio

I think there was also a weird TV documentary

about the start of the station and showed
Caesar in action

gosh he certainly had a face for radio !! not a
pretty sight
but then I think he was once a heavy
working as a doorman for a London Club

Anyway Caesar in his 10 to 1 spot was awesome

he was a brilliant talk show host

he d often ring in around 2 pm on his way home tucking into a big mac

He was a big guy with a big heart

but where is he now ? is he on streaming radio or pod cast anywhere ?

It seemed that talk radio mgement gave him the chop in favour of the (bigheaded ) Whale

I was gutted Caesar was the best thing on radio

Hope he s still out there somewhere

hes a great talent

Update information for Caesar the Geezer »

Former Talk Radio UK phone-in host Caesar The Geezer is returning to the air with Sittingbourne’s new radio station.

He’ll be on community station SFM Radio after it launches this Thursday.

They are continuing their campaign for a full time Commercial Radio licence for the whole of Swale encompassing Sittingbourne, Faversham and Sheppey and return with some household names. Caesar The Geezer will host a weekly show on Sundays from 8-11pm whilst Paul ?Pies? Ellen will host the station breakfast show.