My grandson can call me Ishmael.

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Kids can learn that Call Me Ishmael offers a unique way for users to share books they’ve read and to see experiences other readers have had with novels. They can simply call into Call Me Ishmael's voice mail and leave a story or an experience they've had because of a book they've read. One thing to note is that if a user submits a voice mail or responds to an all-call challenge, it's not guaranteed that her story will be shared on the site. But the ability to share her perspective on her favorite book or a story she's just read provides readers with an active role in discussing and exploring these stories, as well as the emotional impacts written tales can have. Call Me Ishmael places a new interactive spin on discovering meaning in every single book.

Call Me Ishmael has highly engaging stories that grab kids' attention right from the start. The site is a great way to connect kids who are readers to other readers' stories and experiences with books. Teens can learn about others' experiences with literature, find new literature to read, or submit their own literary experience to the site. It’s worth noting that the site is geared mainly toward adults, so not all the books are appropriate for all age levels (think Fifty Shades of Grey), so parents may need to guide their children through making positive video choices. But if you're looking for a way to introduce kids to books in a way that could engage them better than a simple written recommendation, Call Me Ishmael could be the best site around.

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Call me Ishmael
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Quote by Herman Melville: “Call me Ishmael

Parents need to know that Call Me Ishmael is a site for readers to share their love of books with listeners. Users dial a number and leave a voice mail about a book they loved or had a deep connection to, providing other listeners with their perspectives on their favorite books or stories. There's no content within the site that's inappropriate for kids, although there's a limited number of books that actually are written for teens.

Don't Call Me Ishmael! is a light-hearted trilogy of Young Adult novels written by Michael Gerard Bauer and centering around cheery and his friends, in an Australian all-boys school. Notable largely for an infectious enthusiasm, which suggests that Bauer enjoyed the novel as much as his characters, and for being highly quotable, to the extent that the series named before receiving its own page on the wiki.