The King is captivated by your beauty

I'm Captivated by Beauty: Poetic Reflections To Fill Your Heart with Joy

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Captivated by His Beauty - YouTube

Let them see You, and be captivated by Your beauty!
Let them hear You, and be captivated by Your Word!
Let them sense Your Presence, and be captivated by Your love!

You do give me butterflies...and make my heart race when I'm close to YOU!!! I am so captivated by your beauty!! I melt as I look at YOU or think about YOU!!! I Miss YOU Baby!! I Do!!! I wish you were in my arms & I could turn back the clock & be together all over again!! I can't stop thinking about how wonderful U were!!***

Hast thou heard Him, seen Him, known Him

"The King is captivated by your beauty"  Psalm 45:11

Chief among ten thousand own Him; Joyful choose the better part

I was so captured by your heart & captivated by your beauty long before I ever felt your touch..so in love with YOU..and then one day I felt your amazing touch!!! I knew that I had found the most perfect woman ever who touched all of my senses & filled every corner of my heart! I still melt every time I talk to U..see U..or feel your touch! I am YOURS!! I bet U are so gorgeous tonight..the envy of everyone! :-*:-*:-* I Love YOU!!