At Home with Country Quilts by Cheryl Wall

The Harlem Renaissance: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)


Designed by Cheryl Wall. A fun quilt to make.

Cheryl Wall's immediate neighbors in , are 6487 individuals in 3095 households.

The theme for this MTW program was not grounded by a specific historical event or cultural anniversary, rather it revolved around the black voice, be it literary, musical or even the voice of movement, in American culture. Series scholars presented the black voice as music, arguing that writers’ words are music in the same tradition as jazz, blues, gospel and be-bop.
Keynote speaker Cheryl Wall, a Rutgers-New Brunswick English professor, borrowed a musical term as the title of her work exploring the voices and literary techniques of black women writers in “Worrying the Line: Black Women Writers, Lineage and Literary Tradition.”
Wall has taken “worrying the line” from blues tradition in which musicians worry the line or break musical phrases by changing pitch or adding embellishments - a shout, words or repeated sounds - to emphasize a musical passage.

Simple but awesome design by Cheryl Wall.

  • Garden at the Cabin in Country Comforts book by Cheryl Wall

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    Cheryl Wall is the most amazing professor ever. She's really nice and she knows so much about this subject! When I'm a middle aged woman, I hope I dress as well as she does.