Pure Hazel color contacts are perfect for your daytime look.

Crayola 50ct Long Colored Pencils (68-4050)

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We colored the water with red ink.

Color-Coded Calendar – If you live a busy life, tracking appointments and events for yourself and your family can be challenging. Whether you’re using a digital calendar or a daily planner, consider color-coding your schedule with the following color scheme:

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The children were busy coloring in their coloring books.

  • My nephew colored a picture for me.

    Until World War II there was considerable intermarriage between lighter-skinned Coloureds and whites, and many individuals were absorbed into the white community. Severe laws established in 1948, however, immediately subjected Coloured individuals to a rigid separation of occupational opportunities, the abolition of voting rights in Cape Province, and laws that prohibited (until 1985) intermarriage and sexual relations with other groups. In the 1950s a further series of laws disenfranchised many Coloured individuals, confiscated their land, and forced them to relocate to less desirable areas.

    The designation “Coloured” and all restrictions based upon it were abolished in the 1990s as the apartheid system was dismantled and the legal classification system was abandoned. (See also .)