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Case Interview Secrets: A Former McKinsey Interviewer Reveals How to Get Multiple Job Offers in Consulting


Best Management Consulting Books

While many other consulting books focus on cracking cases and getting into the best consulting firms, this one provides top level perspectives too – right from the various parameters used to measure success of a consulting firm (are billable hours better or partner profit?).

There you have it, our little list of the best consulting books. Over to you now. Have you read any other popular management consulting books that we haven’t listed here?

Here are some of the best management consulting books available in the market that you can pick up if you are interested in becoming a management consultant.


  1. 1. Legal Nurse Consultant Guide Books
  2. 2. Get the book that instantly became the definitive resource for nurses who wish to enter the lucrative field of Legal Nurse Consulting. Kathleen Martin shows you everything you need to become a successful, sought-after, highly- compensated Legal Nurse Consultant. Step by step, using actual legal transcripts, Learn LNC will show you how to: Market your services to attorneys Obtain cases for review Analyze a case for merit Set up your office forms including timelines, billing and contracts Review case reports Communicate with attorneys regarding your findings and opinions Write a successful case report Prepare for depositions Trial performance tips Utilizing Internet resources

Consulting Books: Business Strategy

Looking for a good consulting books? While there are so many useful books you can find out there, here are 5 of my favorite books in consulting that I would highly recommend you to read.

Even if you aren’t planning to join a consulting firm, these consulting books have enough wisdom and ideas that you can use as a business manager in your own company.