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On April 9th, thirteen CHC students visited the Bourns College of Engineering at UC Riverside. Each student is pursuing a goal of transferring into an engineering program at a four-year university, and during this trip, the students were given the opportunity to briefly explore actual labs used by engineering faculty and upper-division engineering students. The students were accompanied by Crafton’s new ENGR 101 professor Corey Hardin, as well as STEM Pathways Team members Robert Brown and Ernesto Rivera. After the tour, students were treated to a great UCR overview video and presentation facilitated by Jun Wang, the Bourns School of Engineering Director of Student Development and International Initiatives.

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    Corey Hardin was the recipient of the Clinical Excellence Award and Lisa Guese was the recipient of the Academic Excellence Award. Karson Preston received the Missouri League of Nursing Outstanding Student of the Year Award.

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