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Cpaexcel BEC: Business Environment and Concepts

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Wiley CPAexcel prides itself in being super efficient. Each section of the review course is broken down into smaller sections, which makes studying for the CPA exam seem a lot less overwhelming. This is great for anyone who has a full-time job and other obligations that prevent long, uninterrupted study sessions.

I tried getting through the material of cpaexcel but ended buying the gleim far and dropping cpaexcel. I do still use the videos from cpaexcel when I need a quick brush up though or more questions on a certain topic. If your looking to get a good base on the material first gleim worked great for me. Get the book and answer bank. It's all you need.

Wiley CPAexcel multiple choice test banks are very affordable

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Title: Wiley CPAexcel Exam Review 2015 Focus Notes

Your experience may vary by section. I know for REG, I used Becker twice, studied my brains out and got a 71 twice. The third time, I supplemented with the Wiley test bank and CPAexcel and received a 84. I personal think that Becker creates a good foundation and CPAexcel filled in more of the details.

Wiley CPAexcel gives you access to 12,000 practice questions and 600 task-based simulations, more than any other CPA review course on the market!