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Dahn Yoga Recommends Evening Meditation

When you focus your awareness as you move your body, you can clear your mind and connect with a deeper part of yourself—the part that gives you the power to make the changes you want. Dahn Yoga meditation addresses the connection of the mind and the body by way of the natural energy, Ki, or Qi (Chi).

Energy is a defining element in Dahn Yoga. You can change your life by changing your energy, because energy is the source of everything. Practitioners develop a deeper understanding of their body and mind through various energy awareness and energy building exercises. They regain true mastership over their body and mind by learning how to manage their energy effectively.

Dahn Yoga Video 2 Minute Tips for the Liver Meridian

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    A principal goal of Dahn Yoga health is a balanced life. When a person is sick or injured, they usually go to a doctor, who will care for their body. If they are anxious or sick at heart, they may go to a counselor to manage the feelings bubbling up within them. Neither situation is more expedient than the other, since the body cannot survive without the mind and vice versa. The Dahn Yoga health perspective is simply to integrate these two aspects of health.

    We at Dahn Yoga & Health Centers, Inc. were very saddened to learn about the death of Matan Givol, a good man, with a deep and abiding commitment to peace. Though we sympathize with Mrs. Givol’s loss, we strongly disagree with any assertion that Matan was under pressure from Dahn Yoga, its employees or affiliates at the time of his death.