Title: The Eligible Bachelor (10 Feb 1994)

The Most Eligible Bachelor Romance Collection: Nine Historical Novellas Celebrate Marrying for All the Right Reasons


what is an eligible bachelor mean?

This dark, handsome hunk was also featured in our list and with good reason too! The only sad thing is that there is a rather sad story behind why this beautiful man features on our Top 20 Most Eligible Bachelor 2013-2014…

This hunk is for the ladies out there that like to get their teeth into an older man – a man that really knows what he is doing. We would imagine that John Stamos is this guy; a guy that will show you the world and everything within it. He’s tall, dark and incredibly handsome and good news for us ladies – he’s on our eligible bachelor list!

The Most Ineligible Bachelor In Town by Connie Stevens

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    Toronto’s Most Eligible Bachelor: Dylan!   Dylan Reisch, the Australian born singer songwriter that moved to Canada in early 2008. His charismatic personality is reminiscent of an early ...

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  • ~~The Most Ineligible Bachelor in Town by Connie Stevens

    is with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian. Really. If that’s the truth, then Reggie Bush remains in the running for Most Eligible NFL Bachelor. What hasn’t Bush got? Good looks—check. Nice smile—check. Entertaining personality—check. Lots of money—check. South Beach home—check!

    It's only fair that Derek Jeter retain his rightful spot at the top of this list. He's like the George Clooney of professional sports. He'll always be the most eligible bachelor, no matter how many young guns come along and try to take his place.