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A scholarly analysis of the relationship between science and politics, in policy-making related to BSE. CAB Abstracts In BSE: Risk, Science, and Governance, Patric van Zwanenberg and Erik Millstone analyse this policy disaster. They focus on the relationship in the UK between scientists and government, using the superb collection of information gathered by the Phillips Inquiry into BSE as its main source. van Zwanenberg and Milestone tell a sorry story well. They end with sound prescriptions for reforming the relation between science and policy. Hugh Penningtom

Now, Drew Kershen and Henry I. Miller have appealed for genetic engineering to be ‘given some breathing room’ (, Issues in Science and Technology, Winter 2015). This time, we (STEPS members Erik Millstone, Andy Stirling and Dominic Glover) have published a rejoinder, ‘Regulating Genetic Engineering: the Limits and Politics of Knowledge’, to be published in the forthcoming Summer 2015 edition of . A .

Research : Erik Millstone : University of Sussex

  • Experts against precaution: analyzing the process of biosafety regulation in Iran
    Ebrahim Souzanchi Kashani, Erik Millstone
  • All Politics is Global: Explaining International Regulatory Regimes
    Daniel W. Drezner
  • Problems in seed regulation. The case of transgenic cotton in El Chaco
    V. Arza, M.E. Fazio, L. Goldberg, P. Van Zwanenberg

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STERKT KRITISK: Den britiske professoren Erik Millstone ved Sussex-universitetet stoler ikke på EUs matsikkerhetseksperter når de sier at det kunstige søtningsmiddelet aspartam er trygt. Foto: John Terje Pedersen/Sussex-universitetet

A leading British expert on aspartame dangers has called for an investigation into this EU “decision that aspartame is safe.” Hat’s Off to Erik Millstone.