Eruption of Taal Volcano in 1911

The eruption of Taal volcano, January 30, 1911

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The most disastrous eruption of Taal Volcano happened more than 250 years ago, in 1754. In our continuing series, Rappler explores the possibility of a similar eruption happening today, and what sort dangers can we expect with such an occurence.

1965 Eruption
A phreatomagmatic eruption of Taal volcano between 28-30 September 1965. The eruptioncovered an area of approximately60 square kilometres with ash more than 25 cm thick. The 1965 eruption was thefirst since 1749 to be located on theflanks of the island.

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    The 1754 eruption of Taal Volcano, its biggest so far, was so devastating that it has become the government’s worst-case scenario for the volcano.

    "hreatic" (or steam-blast) eruptions are driven by explosiveexpanding steam resulting from cold ground or surface water coming intocontact with hot rock or magma. The distinguishing feature of phreatic explosionsis that they only blast out fragments of preexisting solid rock from thevolcanic conduit; no new magma is erupted. Phreatic activity is generallyweak, but can be quite violent in some cases, such as the 1965 eruptionof Taal Volcano, Philippines, and the 1975-76 activity at La Soufrière,Guadeloupe (Lesser Antilles).