I’m falling up, I'm falling up

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Falling Up ::: Shel Silverstein

The two logo designs are barely over a year apart, but they represent a completely different Falling Up Media. New clients, new successes, a new office and creative space, and four new employees have crossed Falling Up’s path in the past year, and the new logo represents these changes.

Falling Up is a rock/prog rock/experimental indie band from Oregon. Under the label BEC Recordings, Falling Up recorded and released 5 full length albums including (2004), (2005), the remix album (2006), (2007) and (2009), along with a relentless touring schedule and numerous radio singles. The band started with a hard rock, almost nu metal sound and have progressed to prog rock slowly over their career.

(Falling Up's former record label.)

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  • For more info on Falling Up visit the .

    Falling Up Media hasn’t been around that long, but we’ve gone through our fair share of logo designs. While digging around for the ghosts of logos past at Falling Up Media, I found this:

    Weird how other great alternative bands with Christian themes like Anberlin, Underoath, mewithoutYou, As Cities Burn etc. are appreciated throughout the alternative music scene, but Falling Up is only known and appreciated within the Christian rock scene. I'm not religious, but Your Sparkling Death Cometh is an absolutely incredible album and deserves wider recognition.