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Beyond Sectarianism: The Realignment of American Orthodox Judaism


Ferziger, Joel H.; Zweifel, P. F.

Its frequently in these complex, sometimes dire situations, that New York business law attorney Rubin Ferziger is called in. Often, a lot of money is on the line, and even sophisticated, successful individuals are frightened and don't quite know what to do.

For many grateful clients, the Ferziger firm has been able to transform seemingly bleak legal circumstances into beneficial outcomes and positive results all while keeping an eye on costs, so that legal expenses don't get out of hand. Its a careful balance Rubin Ferziger has insisted on maintaining throughout his 35 years in practice.

Ferziger, Joel H.; Zweifel, P. F.

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    Finite Difference Methods

    Professor Joel H. Ferziger, Dr. Milovan Perić
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  • Ferziger, Joel H. and P.F. Zweifel:

    While Rubin Ferziger has distinguished himself with success in litigated matters, the cornerstone of his philosophy is that prevention is better than cure. According to Rubin, "Preventing a legal problem in the first place is far superior to solving it afterward." This, of course, is one of the main reasons why the Ferziger firm has been effective in helping clients to address legal issues without unnecessary litigation. Needless to say, in difficult economic times, small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals are especially appreciative of being represented by a lawyer with this approach. These are people who survive by cash flow...individuals whose needs Rubin understands well.

    The media has taken notice of the Ferziger approach too. When Rubin published "How to Successfully Start or Buy a Business," a report that condenses decades of practical wisdom, BusinessWeek called. Karen Klein was so impressed with it that she interviewed him for a special live segment called "How to Spot and Avoid Legal Mistakes: What to Watch for When Buying a Business." He has also appeared on television a number of times, consulted for his insightful legal commentary on legal issues.