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Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor (Frank Einstein series #1): Book One


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Parents need to know that Frank Einstein and the BrainTurbo does a surprisingly good job of illustrating how the brain serves as command central for the human body. This third book in the educational and entertaining by () boasts plenty of serious science but does some philosophical musing as well. As a robot begins to experience human emotion, Scieszka marvels at the wonder and beauty of the world. A mob turns on a perceived threat, a young child steals from another, kids dodge responsibility for accidental property damage, and a character makes a tremendous sacrifice for the greater good.

FRANK EINSTEIN AND THE ANTIMATTER MOTOR kicks off Jon Scieszka's science-based series with a satisfying bang. Frank's an enjoyable character with a good heart and a Sherlock Holmes-style knack for seeing several moves ahead of everyone else. Science is woven into the narrative at every step. Some of the particulars may be beyond younger readers, but there's enough here to keep them engaged and appeal to kids with a strong interest in science.

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FRANK EINSTEIN is the creation of four friends with a love for playing music.

FRANK EINSTEIN was formed in 2002 simply as a way to get together with old friends and play music. All four members (Mike Binford, Chris Mooday, Kurt Baumman, Greg Carey) have played in many bands in the area over the past twenty years. Many times through their history, paths have crossed through line up changes or as members of different bands sharing a show. Often times they have found themselves playing under the flag of the same band, such as Mother Gumball, Shake Well and Signal To Noise to name a few.

FRANK EINSTEIN is truly a group of friends. Many times during rehearsals, there is more laughter and quotes from Spinal Tap and Slingblade than music being played. Many times too, the sounds and conversations at these gatherings take on the atmosphere of the local watering hole. (minus the obnoxious drunk guy... most of the time) These are just a few of the things that bring these guys together, and some of the dangers of hanging out with them. Mike and Greg are both single, red-blooded American boys..... so you can probably figure out the other dangers.

FRANK EINSTEIN is the extension and combination of their personal desires to play music. Playing music is not just 'something to do', it's an addiction. If you've never stood in front of a crowd with your best friends and heard the applause..... you might not understand.

FRANK EINSTEIN won't pretend that they are the best thing since sliced bread, if you think so... they think thats great! These guys love sharing the good time that they are having being up on stage with the audience. If you enjoy seeing them play and leave with your foot tapping and a smile on your face... that's most important. They love playing, love to entertain, and are happy to let you form your own opinion.

Check back soon, and we hope to see you at our shows!

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Love LOVE the sound of the Frank Einstein book!

Frank Einstein and his best friend, Watson, want to help pal Janegoodall make the cut to pitch for the Midville Mud Hens. With help from his robots, Klink and Klank, Frank analyzes the key systems of the human body and decides to invent a BrainTurbo to boost her brain function and her overall power. But their rivals, T. Edison and Mr. Chimp, steal the BrainTurbo and Klank, who's delighted to feel human emotions thanks to the device. Edison finds a way to control other people's brains -- and it's up to Frank to try to stop him.

Frank Einstein's first attempt to build a SmartBot -- and win science prize money to pay his Grampa Al's bills -- fizzles. But a lightning storm provides the needed jolt for two artificial-intelligence robots named Klink and Klank to assemble themselves in his garage lab and help Frank and his friend Watson work on a prize-winning invention: an antimatter motor. But then their nemesis, T. Edison, steals Klink and Klank to try to beat Frank to the prize -- and seize Grampa Al's home, as well.