Ghosts of War: The True Story of A 19-Year-Old GI

Ghosts of War: A Pike Logan Thriller


Ghosts of War - Corner covered (Courtesy of Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse)

Dutch historian photography series entitled Ghosts of War beautifully combines World War II photographs with images of the same location in present-day. She skillfully composes each image, making sure that every detail is matching up, and then she edits the image in Photoshop. Teeuwisse’s photos are a haunting reminder of the past, giving relevance to a time that is, sadly, often forgotten.

So earlier today I was asked by Cara Weston (if you haven't checked out her book, you should...--->;;; ) if I had some idea of who would play the characters in Ghosts of War if it was turned into a movie or TV show. The answer is yes...yes I do.

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Ghosts of War - I’ve gotten more done in the last 6 weeks or so than I had in the rest of 2016, so that’s a positive. Like, you can use 4 numbers to count the amount of words written. So I seem to be getting out the other side of this giant patch of writer’s block I’ve been in (NaNo did not work out...at all...), which is nice.

So here we are, the main characters of Ghosts of War (and a few supporting ones) if it were to become a watchable thing (like...maybe a 10 episode Netflix series...yeah...that sounds nice.)