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In the light of the many problems and risks associated with change projects, the change agent[1] has a very important function. The change agent’s or change leader’s capabilities have a major impact on success or failure of the project, and on the extent of potential unwanted side-effects. The following article describes required capabilities of good change agents.

Relational – Good change agent leaders value the opinions of other people and work hard to gain trust. They know that ultimate change can’t happen without human capital and they are constantly investing in relationships. Networking is one of a change agents greatest tools.

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  • Admins

    Good customers in administrator, IT and internal communication roles can effectively deploy, manage, support and drive adoption of Good solutions by accessing comprehensive resources, peers and Good experts.

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  • Developers

    Developers can quickly build enterprise-ready secure mobile apps and workflows with assistance from an extensive library of technical resources and an online community of experts.

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  • End Users

    Enterprise employees can innovate and increase productivity using mobile apps and workflows, while keeping business data secure and in compliance. Engage to learn how.

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  • Partners

    Good Channel Partners can access resources and tools that help them be successful with Good and provide excellent support to their Good customers.

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Creative – Good change agents are able to see paths to success others can’t yet see. I need to be honest here and say that I’d rather be strategic than creative. There are some who can always find a way to make their ideas work, but it comes at the expense of others. But, change happens with creativity. Effective change is one of the best forms of art in the field of leadership. That takes creativity.

Thorough – A good change agent follows through on commitments made and sees the change to fruition. They don’t give up until the post evaluation is complete and the lessons of change have been learned.