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The Good Master (Puffin Newbery Library)


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Never could there be a better Master, for His service is freedom, His rule is love: I wish I were one thousandth part as good a servant. When He teaches me as my Rabbi, He is unspeakably good, His doctrine is divine, His manner is condescending, His spirit is gentleness itself. No error mingles with His instruction--pure is the golden truth which He brings forth, and all His teachings lead to goodness, sanctifying as well as edifying the disciple. Angels find Him a good Master and delight to pay their homage at His footstool. The ancient saints proved Him to be a good Master, and each of them rejoiced to sing, "I am Thy servant, O Lord!" My own humble testimony must certainly be to the same effect. I will bear this witness before my friends and neighbours, for possibly they may be led by my testimony to seek my Lord Jesus as their Master. O that they would do so! They would never repent so wise a deed. If they would but take His easy yoke, they would find themselves in so royal a service that they would enlist in it for ever.

The Good Master, set in pre-WWI Hungary, won the Newbery Honor Award in 1935. Interestingly, Kate Seredy wrote and illustrated the book. And the illustrations are amazing! They bring life to the book. When I picked up this book as an adult, I immediately remembered every single illustration – and I spent quite a while just browsing each chapter heading and examining each illustration while I thought about how to teach this novel. The illustrations are gorgeously detailed and immediately take the reader back to another time of peace and idyllic country life in beautiful Hungary.

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Negroes under a Good Master - Bramati
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Negroes under a Good Master - Bramati

Qualities of a Good Master by Raven's Boy, Joshua

Young Kate isn't at all what Jancsi and his family are expecting. She turns out to be an out-of-control little girl, sent by her father to live with her Uncle's family in the country. Kate's Uncle Marton is the "Good Master", a kind and respected man in the community. Her father has spoiled Kate since her mother died, and now he hopes his brother will be able to do something with her.

Coming after The Good Master is it's sequel, The Singing Tree, which details the family's story through the rough period surrounding the Second World War.