Guy Madison was an American film and television actor.

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Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven

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Photo: Guy Madison as Wild Bill Hickok in the 1950's television series.(Associated Press, 1954)

This Man Can't Die

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Till The End Of Time

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The Command


David Shipman’s obituary on Guy Madison in “The Independent”:

GUNMEN OF THE RIO GRANDE (aka DUEL AT RIO BRAVO) (‘64) stars Guy Madison as a very fictional Wyatt Earp in Mexico trying to bring law and order to a mining town. The French/Italian/Spanish co-production features some good desert locations and the action is okay when it comes.

ZERO FIVE GIANTS FROM TEXAS (aka FIVE FOR REVENGE) (‘66) is a fairly standard revenge tale with Guy Madison leading four men and a woman (their murdered friend’s wife) across Mexico searching for the killers. Pretty threadbare Italian/Spanish co-production.

Robert Mitchum & Guy Madison

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    ZERO PAYMENT IN BLOOD (aka RENEGADE RIDERS; WINCHESTER FOR HIRE) (‘67) Italian production released in the U.S. by Columbia. Guy Madison is a Confederate Colonel who won’t let the Civil War end, continuing to raid and pillage, all the while searching for a General’s lost treasure. FBI agent Edd Byrnes is assigned to stop Madison. Not particularly well filmed and Byrnes seems self-absorbed in looking pretty for the camera, not wearing a hat so as not to muss his “Kookie” hair.

    ZERO SON OF DJANGO (aka VENGEANCE IS A COLT) (‘67) Gabriele Tinti is the now-grown son of famous gunman Django seeking revenge for the murder of his father. Guy Madison doesn’t enter til the 35 minute mark and then he’s a preacher-character, at least until he straps on a six-gun to help Tinti.