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HBO's programming schedule currently consists largely of theatrically released feature films – which occupy the majority of its daily schedule – and original series primarily aimed at adults (including, as of April 2016, dramas such as and , and comedies such as , , , , and ). In addition, HBO also carries original made-for-TV movies, sports events and sports-centric documentary and magazine series, documentary films, behind-the-scenes specials, and concert and stand-up comedy specials. The network primarily airs most of its original programs on its main channel after 8:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific Time, although it airs select original series and made-for-cable movies as well as certain documentaries during the daytime hours; these programs also air at various times on HBO's multiplex channels. HBO Signature, HBO Family, HBO Comedy and HBO Zone also each carry archived HBO programming, airing repeats of former original series and specials dating back to the 1990s.

The HBO multiplex would later expand in December 1996, with the launch of HBO Family, focusing on family-oriented and television series aimed at younger children. The HBO multiplex channels became collectively marketed under the brand name "HBO The Works" in April 1998 (the Cinemax channels concurrently began to be marketed as "MultiMax"), coinciding with the name change of HBO2 as HBO Plus (the channel would ultimately restore the HBO2 name in September 2002), and the and format change of HBO3 as HBO Signature (a network aimed at women). In May 1999, two more channels launched: HBO Comedy (featuring comedic films and series, along with specials) and HBO Zone (a network aimed at young adults). Just over a year later in October 2000, the Spanish language network HBO Latino debuted, featuring a mix of dubbed simulcasts of the main HBO channel's programming and Spanish programs that are exclusive to the channel.

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  • 1998
    • HBO Asia is granted Ministry of Radio, Film and Television approval to distribute its Cinemax channel in People's Republic of China to three-star and above standard hotels and foreign housing compounds.
    • In January, HBO Asia commences distribution of HBO and Cinemax to hotels in Vietnam.
    • Cinemax Asia launches on Astro in Malaysia it was transformations form Metro Goldwyn Mayer.
    • HBO Asia signs an exclusive deal with DreamWorks.
    • HBO Asia and Cinemax Asia launch in Sri Lanka.
  • HBO Nordic - Game of Thrones | Season 6

    During the 1990s, HBO began to experience increasing success with its original series such as , , , and . One such program, , arguably became HBO's flagship series during that decade and although it was not commercially as successful as programs that aired on the (, and ) and , the show did enjoy a cult status and critical acclaim, and received nominations and wins for many major television awards (including and ). The series ranked #38 on (becoming the only HBO comedy series to make the list) and was also included in s list of the "100 Best TV Shows of All Time". was also ranked by various critics and fans as one of the best TV comedies of the 1990s.

    HBO also shows sub-runs – runs of films that have already received broadcast or syndicated television airings – of theatrical films from (including content from subsidiary , both for films released prior to 1998), (including content from subsidiaries , Touchstone Pictures, , and former subsidiary and current independently operated studio ), (including content from subsidiaries , , and former HBO sister company , all for films released prior to 2005), (including content from subsidiaries , and ), and (for films released prior to 2004).