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Daniel Ricciardo figured third was the best position possible for Red Bull and duly took the final podium place that had been taken away from him in Australia, but he was 49 s behind Hamilton by the finish. But there was another fillip for Red Bull as Sebastian Vettel made excellent use of clever deployment of a three-stop strategy to fight past Valtteri Bottas’ Williams for fourth place with three laps to run. A three-stopper also worked for Fernando Alonso, but his sixth place was 87.7s adrift of the winner.

In the front parlor of the house she now shared with her daughter, Eliza Hamilton had crammed the faded memorabilia of her now distant marriage. When visitors called, the tiny, erect, white-haired lady would grab her cane, rise gamely from a black sofa embroidered with a floral pattern of her own design, and escort them to a Gilbert Stuart painting of George Washington. She motioned with pride to a silver wine cooler, tucked discreetly beneath the center table, that had been given to the Hamiltons by Washington himself. This treasured gift retained a secret meaning for Eliza, for it had been a tacit gesture of solidarity from Washington when her husband was ensnared in the first major sex scandal in American history. The tour's highlight stood enshrined in the corner: a marble bust of her dead hero, carved by an Italian sculptor, Giuseppe Ceracchi, during Hamilton's heyday as the first treasury secretary. Portrayed in the classical style of a noble Roman senator, a toga draped across one shoulder, Hamilton exuded a brisk energy and a massive intelligence in his wide brow, his face illumined by the half smile that often played about his features. This was how Eliza wished to recall him: ardent, hopeful, and eternally young. "That bust I can never forget," one young visitor remembered, "for the old lady always paused before it in her tour of the rooms and, leaning on her cane, gazed and gazed, as if she could never be satisfied."

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Still, as he processed the increased flow of feedback, Rosberg kept coming at him relentlessly. By the 56th lap the gap was back down to 2.1 seconds, then 1.8, 1.4 and 0.9, before he opened it a little to 1.3 by the 60th. But still Rosberg was not giving up, and down the gap came all over again. With three laps to go it was 0.9 seconds, then 0.7. They went into the final lap nose to tail, only 0.6 seconds apart, with Kimi Raikkonen’s Ferrari to lap as they headed towards Turn One. Hamilton got by the red car before the corner, but so did Rosberg.

With sixty percent of Canada's steel being produced in Hamilton by and , the city has become known as the Steel Capital of Canada. After nearly declaring bankruptcy, Stelco returned to profitability in 2004. On August 26, 2007 acquired Stelco for C$38.50 in cash per share, owning more than 76 percent of Stelco's outstanding shares. On September 17, 2014 US Steel Canada announced that it was applying for bankruptcy protection and that it would be closing down its Hamilton operations.