It turns out the story of Herman and Roma Rosenblat isn't true.

herman and roma rosenblat - the fence

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Herman and Roma Rosenblat share a story of love and survival.

Family photographs hang on the wall of Herman and Roma Rosenblat's North Miami Beach, Fla. home, Sept. 25, 2008. Laurie Friedman wrote a book, 'Angel Girl,' about the beginning of Herman's relationship with Roma during the Holocaust.

Herman and Roma Rosenblat, now of North Miami Beach, Fla., and formerly of Queens, actually met as children -- he as a 12-year-old in a Nazi concentration camp and she as a 9-year-old who for months tossed apples and bread across a fence to help that little boy survive.

FARSA. Herman y Roma Rosenblat, en su casa de Florida. / AP

  • Der findes allerede en børnebog, der fortæller Herman og Roma Rosenblats opdigtede kærlighedshistorie. Foto: AP

  • att man förmodar att paret herman och roma rosenblat hittat på sin

    Herman and Roma Rosenblat were married for decades before he shared their purported wartime encounter with acquaintances, who later described him as a raconteur. In the 1990s, he committed the account to paper, entering it into a newspaper contest that marked the beginning of its public consumption.

    The Observer doorsteps Herman and Roma Rosenblat of Angel at the Fence made-up memoir infamy. It’s a strange article all around. This fuss blew up just before Christmas so The Observer isn’t exactly quick off the mark here. Also if you are going to doorstep someone when you many as well do it properly, hang […]