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I saw a guy wearing his cowboy boots and so I had to take some photos and share with you guys. I just love seeing guys wearing cowboy boots and the shaft of their boots revealing under their jeans.

My daughter just received her and when we opened the lid, the smell of leather brought Grandpa into the room. I watched as my daughter inhaled the smell on the boots. It made me remember that my IMPECCABLY dressed grandpa wore gym socks inside his cowboy boots, the white knee-high ones with the blue or red stripes.

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fashion director on Texas, his cowboy boots and why your closet sucks

Boggs slumped a little bit as June reached its second week, but then a bizarre incident helped derail his hopes: He took off his cowboy boots. Or, more precisely, he tried to take off his cowboy boots.

It's one of the best life lessons Grandpa Jack and his cowboy boots taught me. While I wish Grandpa was still around to put my kiddos on the back of a horse, teach them to ride, tell them the stories of his life, I know his legend lives in my heart and will be passed down through the generations.