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Hugh Acheson returns as a judge for for the twelfth season of Top Chef as a series judge. A competitor on as a series judge. A competitor on Season 3, Hugh is the chef/owner of Five & Ten, The National, Cinco y Diez, Empire State South and The Florence. In addition, Acheson also serves as a series judge on Bravo's newest culinary competition series,

Enter Hugh Acheson. The Canadian-born, Georgia-based chef is famous for many things: being a Top Chef judge, winning James Beard awards, having a singular, giant, bushy eyebrow. He's also the author of two (and a half) cookbooks. His first, , was a thorough, refreshingly modern take on Southern cuisine. He also wrote a booklet of pickle recipes called, charmingly, .

Chef Hugh Acheson Shares His Recipe for Italian Salsa Verde

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    With his new vegetable cookbook, The Broad Fork, Georgia chef Hugh Acheson ponders major life questions, i.e. "What the hell do I do with kohlrabi?"

    As the chef/partner of , , and , Hugh Acheson’s interpretation of Southern food has earned him many accolades, including the James Beard award for Best Chef: Southeast in 2012. The Canadian-born chef is the author of the JBF award-winning cookbook , he’s a judge on Bravo’s , and one of six at magazine. Above all, he’s a family man and a strong advocate for his community and their local food movement. Here, Acheson shares his top picks for Atlanta, from his favorite soppressata pizza to the best Szechuan-style dumplings.