Hypnodommes forced Hypnosis Domination

Slave to Surrender: A Female Domination Love Story

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We believe the enjoyment of erotic hypnosis is greatly enhanced when the submissive understands they are safe to let go completely & allow the conditioning to be experienced on a fully unconscious level. It is for this reason that you will find no financial domination on this website, just pure unadulterated hypnotic domination in its most potent form.

The Enchantress is a hypnosis dominatrix wearing sexy lingerie as she uses her skills to put you into a trance. She then brainwashes you with her eyes and her calm voice. She puts you into a state where she can manipulate your mind and emotions by just using one of her triggers that she has planted in your mind when she was inside of it to give you an orgasm so she can mess with him whenever she is in the mood.

Two Hypnotic Langauge Patterns That Destroy Resistance - Duration

As you turn to look at Her... freezing like a deer caught in the headlights of her endless eyes... heart thumping in your chest... Her gaze reaches deep inside and squeezes your heart, and as you feel your loins warming, blood flowing hot, an electric chill runs along your spine... and a tingling fills your limbs...

You cannot look away, cannot even consider doing so, because she is smiling, the barest smile from a corner of Her lips... knowing you are Hers, in the way the clothes she wears are Hers... suddenly envying the material that caresses her curves, your mind a haze of growing desire as the world fades away to only Her... only Her...

Mind Mistress invites you...

She is a hypnotic dominatrix, and you are under her spell... never knew anyone could make you feel this way... and as you sink deeper into trance, trading free will for mind numbing pleasure,... that grows with every breath... giving up all your worries and responsibilities,... letting them all drain away... and replacing them with mindless obedience, and total faith in your Mistress... as your purpose becomes clear... you were born to serve Her, please Her and obey Her.... No more doubts, no more worries.... No more aimless wandering. You are her toy and desire nothing more...

Hypnotic Femdom - About The Hypnosis Goddess

I have been a professional dominatrix in Florida since the turn of the millennium and my extensive experience has given me a broad range of appetites. At their extremes, my interests range from intensely physical ball busting to seductive sensual hypnodomination. I am a well rounded individual both inside and outside of the dungeon. I do not expect you to fulfill all or even most my domination needs.

When Goddess Kim gets a new slave, she immediately starts her hypnosis domination. She tells them what she wants them to believe as she stares deeply into their eyes. She tells them all the pleasure they feel when they buy her expensive gifts and when she gets all their money in the mail. She knows they are under her spell when she starts to get her gifts in the mail and access to their bank accounts.