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Guess How Much I Love You


you do, and He will show you the right way.” – Proverbs 3: 5-6

Pablo is telling us not to take a lover for granted. I could be a fool in love but when you let it show that you do not love me, there and then I shall become wise. The bottom line is, what we get from a lover is what we give to a lover.

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Live YOUR Life!: The Way You Think is How You Feel

  • How do I deal with a partner that I love very much, but who suffers with anxiety?
    wikiHow Contributor
    There are many excellent resources that will teach you about anxiety so you can understand what your partner is going through, and how you can help. Here are three pillars to base your actions on: 1. Acknowledge the anxiety as a real problem and respond calmly and kindly. 2. Set clear boundaries around how you're willing to help. 3. Pay attention to your own mental health. This can be strenuous on both of you.
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  • Bert Kaempfert - I Love How You Love Me

    Never made it as a wise man
    I couldn't cut it as
    A poor man stealing
    Tired of living like a blind man
    I'm sick of sight without
    A sense of feeling
    And this is how you remind me

    I Love How You Love Me
    Bobby Vinton

    I love how your eyes close
    Whenever you kiss me.
    And when I'm away from you
    I love how you miss me.
    I love the way you always
    treat me tenderly.
    But darlin' most of all,
    I love how you love me

    I love how your heart beats
    whenever I hold you.
    I love how you think of me
    without being told to.
    I love the way your touch
    is always heavenly.
    But darlin' most of all
    I love how you love me.

    I love the way your touch
    is always heavenly.
    But darlin' most of all
    I love how you love me.

    I love how you hug me
    I love how you squeeze me,
    tease me, please me
    love how you love me

    I love how you love me (fade)