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Ian Townsend: Hundreds of small towns around the country are turning into ghost towns, as technology changes how and where people work.

Many country towns are dying, but mining districts can still have a GDP that makes them the richest place on earth. One town has smoked hams that haven't sold in 40 years, in others the rents are $1000 a week. Reporter Ian Townsend.

Ian Townsend: Can you name any?

  • Ian Townsend has been appointed to the board of the British Institute of Facilities Management

  • Ian Townsend: There's mines I've never heard of.

    Ian Townsend's immediate neighbors in , are 28 individuals in 12 households.

    After entering the on three previous occasions, Ian Townsend finally managed to .I asked what had stopped him from giving up. "I always believed I was awriter," he says, "it’s not just something I do, it’s who I am. I wasdetermined to prove a lot of people wrong – and also a few people right! – anddemonstrate what I was capable of." Having things hewanted to say, rather than entering competitions for the sake of it – as he hadin the past – also helped. "It focused my writing," he says, as did gettingfeedback on his work. "Many people told me I could write, but it wasn’tuntil somebody told me what was wrong with my writing that I took a chance andgrew, as did my confidence and self-belief."