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ISTP: Portrait of a Crafter (Portraits of the 16 Personality Types)

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Unusually for ISTPs, Paul also has traits.

Though they are analytical and enjoy keeping to themselves, the ISTP personality does enjoy adventure. This is because they have a great desire to experience the world around them – this personality type will go out of his or her way to try a new type of food or to hear a new type of music, just because it’s unlike anything they have ever experienced before. That also means that this type of personality is not adept at following rules or trends and they also tend to be fiercely independent, something that can play a big role in the types of careers that they perform best in.

The ISTP will bring their vast store of knowledge and experience to bear on the team, showing great determination but their low boredom threshold means once they have sorted the problem they withdraw.

Interesting facts about the ISTP:

  • ISTPs abhor waste (be it in time, effort, or resources) but are highly adaptable, making them open to new information and approaches
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    The independence of the ISTP means that they don’t often do well in jobs that require them to be a part of a large team, nor do they usually do well as team leaders. However, they are very loyal to their colleagues. You can learn more about on the Udemy blog.

    Desk jobs are not for the ISTP, as their need to be doing something and their desire for stimulation can make this kind of work incredibly difficult for them. Their practical way of thinking means they may not understand or can become quickly bored with more abstract matters.