Tabby Cat Vintage Jewelry Collage Art

Collage Photo Frame Wooden Wall Locking Jewelry Armoire - 23W x 30H in.

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Vintage Jewelry Collage Sculpture Party Girl by ArtCreationsByCJ,

I’m loving how this heart keepsake jewelry collage came out! Now, my kids have a wonderful reminder of their grandmother and we have a new family heirloom.

Art Creations by CJ are one-of-a-kind vintage jewelry collage art & fashion creations ~ No two are ever the same! They can take days up to weeks to make due to the intricate detail I put into every creation. I start with a birchwood foundation then hand layer the jewelry to create a uniquely designed work of art. I use modern jewelry as well as beautiful vintage pieces like Trifari, Lisner, Monet, Coro and others. Unlike other jewelry art, my pieces are multi layered with jewelry on top of jewelry to give depth and dimension.

Yay! You're now following jewelry collage frame in your .

      One night in July, 2006, my sister called me from California. I happened to be sorting out all my old junque jewelry, especially the pieces needing repair, and some that needed to be sent to jewelry heaven. She mentioned that I could make a collage. Not having a clue what Susie was talking about, she directed me to a website that had a Christmas tree outlined in gold chain, and filled in with colorful jewelry.

    "You could make that," Susie told me. I told her that although I thought it quite stunning, it wasn't an artistic challenge to me. But at that moment, ideas started flying through my head faster than I could sketch them on paper. The very next day I went to my favorite craft store and purchased a shadowbox, glass seed beads, wood beads, and lots of glue. By August, I had my first shadowbox finished, which I call The Gardner.

    Born and raised in beautiful southern California, I now live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. As a fulltime employee of a large law department, I still find time for my crafting passions: scrapbooking, watercolors, cake decorating, and now scenery making out of jewelry.

    Please drop in often as I have over 25 more jewellages (jewelry collages) on the drawing board that will be added to this site as they are completed.


Roy Rose Jewelry Tuscan Collage Set of Four Square Coasters.

Well, Christmas got busy and I never got around to making ornaments and I’m so glad that I didn’t. Why? Because Christmas ornaments only get brought out once a year and a keepsake is displayed all year. Then, I started to think…since I’m hosting a Valentine’s Day , I should make a Heart Keepsake Jewelry Collage for our stairway gallery wall. Yes, I’m still working on this and hopefully will have it done soon.

Yay! I finally finished my jewelry collage mirror, made from family jewels and momentos. One day this will be my daughter's. But not just yet! I want to enjoy this for a few years first.