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27 Lessons To Help You Become A Cigar Expert: The Guide To Learning What You Need To Know About Cigar Smoking Etiquette, Lighting, Cutting, Buying, Spotting Fake Cubans, And Much More


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Now before you go running off to your local cigar club, let me first answer a question that typically comes up from those who want to learn more about cigars.

The Cortez Seleccion Especial Connecticut Piramide is made in the Dominican Republic with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and Dominican binder and fillers. You can learn more about the cigar at the manufacturer’s .

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Learn about how cigars are made, how to select a cigar, smoking a cigar and how to store cigars.

  • How Cigars are Made
  • Selecting a Cigar
  • Smoking a Cigar
  • How to Store a Cigar

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Every aspiring cigar connoisseur needs a humidor to properly store, protect and age cigars. Learn how to season a new humidor before using it for the first time, and how to properly maintain humidity levels inside of your box. Learn about cigar cutters and the three basic cigar cuts, and also about acquiring and using other cigar accessories.

Learning will determine how well your cigar will smoke. Learn about cigar anatomy, cigar etiquette, types of cigars available, their history, and other informative cigar facts.