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Trop Rock Recording Artist Lightning Jack is a St Pete/Tampa Bay musician that plays Steel Pan,Guitar and Sings. Treasure Island Blues is a Trop Rock CD released in 2009, and in 2011 he released "Christmas in Florida" an instrumental Steel Drum Christmas CD available on Amazon. Lightning Jack plays a wide variety of music,Covers and Original Music, Calypso,Reggae,Blues,Jazz,Country,Rock,Christmas Music,wedding music and more! Whether you need a Solo Act or a Full Band,Lightning Jack can accommodate you! There are more pic's audio and video link's on my website. I often learn new songs for clients. Thank's for your consideration.

Plot Summary
After being taken hostage in a botched bank robbery, the mute Ben Doyle (Cuba Gooding Jr.) has inadvertently become Sancho Panza to the quixotic Lightning Jack Kane (Paul Hogan), who fancies himself a legendary Wild West outlaw. While Jack teaches Ben how to shoot, ride a horse and perform a successful heist, he's also being pursued by a posse of vigilantes. Finally seeing the writing on the wall, Lightning Jack wants to make one last score and retire, but a rival gang isn't making it easy.

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Poster Lightning Jack
  • Simon Wincer
  • Cuba Gooding Jr., Beverly D'Angelo
    • Comedie
    • Western
    Ajustează gen

  • 98 minute

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Lightning Jack is the perfect band for your beach party. With plenty of good tunes and his beach style, Jack will Trop-rock the party.
Lightning Jack's steel drums, bamboo mic stands and Caribbean look, makes watching and hearing a pleasure

Surfer Dave
Surfboard Records

Lightning Jack was great for our party. The music was great, and the guests loved it. We loved the presentation with the bamboo stand. I would definitely recommend him!