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Following an increased vocabulary, many also noticed more and better communication. Little Reader helps to do this with the different professionally recorded voices that enunciate words clearly, and by encouraging interaction with the child.

Learning to read words is something that many parents have reported, especially where the child has finished the one-year curriculum in Little Reader. Little Reader starts by teaching whole-word recognition, and gradually fostering phonetic awareness through the Pattern Phonics™ system. Find this hard to believe? Watch the with Little Reader!

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    The first thing that the parents noticed was that their child's vocabulary dramatically increased. Little Reader helps to achieve this through its built-in curriculum that includes thousands of words in over 180 subject categories, which are used in single words, couplets, phrases, sentences and full stories.

    The most treasured experience from using Little Reader that parents report is the bonding that inevitably happens between parent and child. Even fathers who otherwise felt 'left out' in those first one or two years report being able to share intimate bonding experiences with their child through Little Reader.