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What are the top 3 logical reasons you bought my fitness plan? (What’s the justification for buying?)
1. lose weight to help my sleeping condition
2. to get lean muscle and stay that way until i die, only your program can alow that for people.
3. to help others when im living proof that it works

What are the top 3 emotional reasons you bought my fitness plan?
1. I needed somthing to really work this time
2. The doctor told me i have an health issue
3. Loss self confidence

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Lastly, in addition to my fitness plan, I am going to be donning the very popular Belly Bandit right after delivery and up until 6-8 weeks postpartum, or until my belly is back to normal again. This garment has been proven to shrink the belly, waist and hips in record time, all while supporting the core and minimizing stretch marks. I am all for snapping back as quickly as possible and I know this product will help me accomplish that. I look forward to starting this fitness journey and will keep you updated with my progress along the way!

What were your 3 biggest objections (that were overcome somehow) when considering buying my fitness plan?
1. If it will really work
2. Will i really get the results
3. Will this guy be there to answer my ?